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Minecraft Server Release - Tyron - 04-23-2022

[Image: RnyGhVc.jpg]
Official Release

After some hard work and some time we have released a Minecraft server on Java edition running version 1.18.2! We made the server to have fun with some friends and co-workers but really wanted to enjoy the time in the server with some old and familiar faces(that's you) and even some hopefully new faces! So please come join us on the server we have a 'white list' of sorts setup, when you join the server it will tell you to join our Discord(CLICK HERE) and message MC Gatekeeper your code that you're presented with!! We hope to see y'all on the server and around!

The Minecraft server will primarily be 'vanilla' meaning we are not wanting to add any over the top plugins/scripts etc but were always open to some suggestions! Below you will find the Minecraft server info to join along with the rules and Server Map that allows you to view the server in real time! We recommend using the server addresses over a standard IP in the event we ever move host you wouldn't have to change any info, with all that being said get your pick axe, shovel, and sword and get to gaming! Happy Gaming!

Server Address(choose one!):

Discord Link:

Server Rules/Commands:

Server Map: